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Core Function Support Facility, 14-17 Suzaki,
Uruma City, Okinawa, Japan 904-2234

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Conference Room Usage Regulations

  1. Opening and closing time of facilities
  2. Facilities will be opened at 8:30 until 17:30. An IC card will be required to enter facilities during the time other than this.

  3. Drinking and eating within the facility
  4. Food is basically not allowed within meeting rooms, but drinks are allowed.
    Lunch can be taken in the tearoom opposite of the management office.

  5. Usable space
  6. The spaces that can be accessed by persons other than the tenants of OITSP are: 1st floor of Bldg. A, and the 1st, 2nd floors and the lounge of the 6th floor of Bldg. B. The other areas will be inaccessible due to security.

  7. Vending machines and smoking areas
  8. Vending machines are located in the space next to the management office on the 1st floor of Bldg. A and in the elevator hall of the 6th floor lounge of Bldg. B.
    The spot to the side of meeting rooms on the 1st floor of Bldg. A will be the designated smoking area. Smoking is not allowed in the other areas.

  9. Parking
  10. Parking is available in the paved parking areas surrounding buildings A and B. Since parking for the Corporation Location Promoting Center are all designated parking, never park in that area.

  11. Other matters of notice
  12. Since tenants will be carrying out businesses, do not make noise in hallways.



Okinawa IT Shinryo Park
Designated Manager