Designated Manager
Room 101, Okinawa IT Shinryo Park
Core Function Support Facility, 14-17 Suzaki,
Uruma City, Okinawa, Japan 904-2234

TEL:098-989-0153 FAX:098-989-0209

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沖縄クロス・ヘッド株式会社 We create business utilizing Okinawa’s advantages and added values, provide high-quality services to users at both ends of the GIX line in the Asian countries with Okinawa in the center, and deliver CUMO, a product service that uses cloud technology.
株式会社沖縄ソフトウェアセンター The “Okinawa Software Center Co., Ltd.” (OSC) was established in October 2008, through the cooperation of 44 corporations from Okinawa and the rest of Japan as a pilot project for the “Okinawa IT Shinryo Park”. The OSC has been accumulating the IT development power within Okinawa and promoting the formation of a joint development base in order to make Okinawa as a near shore development base.
トランスコスモス株式会社 We provide business process outsourcing for improving business efficiency, and call centers for dealing with customer inquiries in Asia. Transcosmos aims to become a “Global IT Partner”. トランスコスモスホームページへ
Fujitsu Learning Media Okinawa Limited We provide leading-edge training services, and support the human resource training of customers from Okinawa, Japan and Asia.各企業ホームページへ
株式会社レキサス Along with our strength in UX/UI design, Web design, Web application development, planning and development of application for iOS/Android, and providing cloud services, Lexues also has been active as a sponsor of the “Ryukyufrogs,” which excavates and trains leaders who have an entrepreneur mind in Okinawa, ever since 2008.株式会社レキサスホームページへ
株式会社ビジュアル・プロセッシング・ジャパン Solution provider for media content production. IT support for advertising, promotion, publishing and newspaper agencies.
一般社団法人IIOT Providing the Global Testing Ecosystem to IIOT’s member companies who execute;
1.Test and verify software/application on smart devices with other devices
2.Develop and accumulate Knowledge DB for advanced testing
3.Work on standardization of Global IoT in collaboration with international organization
4.Train test engineers
5.Create jobs by fostering and promoting testing business in Okinawa
グロヴァレックス株式会社 With the 24 hour-365 days advanced development and operation center and application of advanced technology as strengths, we provide total solutions for planning, development and operation of mobile, Web, ERP, embedded software, etc., from Okinawa to Japan, Asia and the world.グロヴァレックスホームページへ
RYUKYU KOKUSAI KOGYO CO., LTD. Our vision is a geospatial information-based society,a safe,secure and confortable society where everyone,anytime and anywhere,has access to geospatial information.
【Geospatial information consulting】
・Spatial information services
・Construction consulting 琉球国際航業ホームページへ
Dinos Cecile Communications Co., Ltd. call center that always provide services that makes our customers happy”, and carry out tasks including taking orders from teleshopping our members and transmitting product information to the members.Go to Dinos Cecile Communications Co., Ltd.
NTT DATA Corporation Business Process Outsourcing Contact Customer Service(Call center,Service desk,Billing)Back-office Service(Finance,Accounting,Human resources,General affairs)NTT DATA Corporation



沖縄県 特定非営利活動法人 フロム沖縄推進機構 IT Bridge Okinawa



入居企業募集! Tenant applications are accepted on demand at OITSP.


The OITSP is an important project with the construction of a major foothold for the overseas and domestic information and communications related industry.


Conference and presentations rooms are available for reservation at the OITSP.


Okinawa IT Shinryo Park
Designated Manager