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What is the Okinawa IT Shinryo Park?

The Okinawa IT Shinryo Park (OITSP) is an important project through which Okinawa Prefecture aims to create a major site for both domestic and overseas information and communication affiliated industries. The word “Shinryo” means a bridge with Asia.

Basic Philosophy of the OITSP

The Basic Philosophy maintains a commitment to the following three principles with the aim of creating 8,000 new jobs.
① Promote info-communication industries in Okinawa Prefecture
To contribute to the construction of info-communication industry clusters (sights for heightening the sophistication of IT industries) by strengthening IT brands in Okinawa Prefecture and demonstrating the benefits accruing from synergizing people, technology and other aspects as well as those obtained from innovation.
② Contribute to enhancing international competitiveness and stimulating info-communication industries in Japan
To contribute to energizing Japan’s info-communication industry by working to train and supply specialists and providing solutions for issues facing the info-communication industry through the creation of a place where info-communication industry business models and next generation technology may be developed and tested.
③ Lead the creation of jobs in Okinawa Prefecture
To establish the principle of instituting a base for creating jobs within Okinawa Prefecture by promoting expansion of existing businesses and providing a new location for innovative info-communication industries and organizations.

Concept of the OITSP

① Serve as a new base for IT industries (advanced software development, etc.)
To develop an integrated base for new IT functions and industries, such as software, offshore development, testing centers, BPO (business process outsourcing) centers, and data centers.
② Perform a role of an IT bridge (“IT Shinryo”) connecting Japan and Asia
To operate actively as a bridging mechanism with Asia for software development as well as the training and exchange of IT personnel.
③ Provide a test bed for the IT Industry
To become a location for developing and testing IT-related business models (test bed) through application of the “Special Ubiquitous Zone.”
④ Support and drive the integration and creation of specialized IT personnel necessary for Japan and Asia
To become a location for integrating and fostering specialized IT personnel such as bridge system engineers.
⑤ Provide a superior resort and IT work environment
To offer and environment for engaging in knowledge creation within the IT sector in the superior resort environment found only in Okinawa